Do You Believe in Luck?

Do you, personally, believe in luck or lucky items? We hear it everyday and we oftentimes attribute some things to it but do we really believe in it? Here’s a small video discussing our belief system in lucky numbers, colors, or numbers.



A big part of our ‘luck’ or at least realising and being present to it in our modern world stems from a special word called “Gratitude”

So what does this word mean?

Well the definition of Gratitude is : the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

Reading that definition, you can clearly see without gratitude present, there is no room to see the abundance we have, or to be thankful of it. Part of our luck is not only hoping and wishing for things to fall into place like winning the lottery.

It is instead rather something that can be created by being grateful for the world in which we live in and what we have before us

Kitchen Modernisation

Here are 2 photos of kitchens.

old kitchenWhy Kitchens?

Well the kitchen is a commonly used placed in most if not all households. It is a place where food is prepared and cooked, people come together, creativity is expressed and so much more.

Over time kitchens have advanced to the point where everything comes as a click, press, touch, fry flick and serve. Looking at the first image you can see the type of kitchen conditions that were present in the past.

Now imagine trying to cook in a kitchen like that in a modern day time like this? No chance. Yet we forget that this once was the standard way of living and that the modern flash kitchens we have today were not always around.

If you look in the photo, there are no island benches, dishwashers, there is no oven, no cupboards, silverware or other. Let alone would there be a cleaner who can come and make it all look brand new again for you.

Where as in this photo below of the modern kitchen, all of these things are there. We have them so readily available to us and we should be so grateful for those. To consider ourselves being lucky, because unfortunately there are still many people who have kitchens like in the image above, if a kitchen at all.

new kitchen

Have a look at the difference, it is aesthetic, functional, welcoming, clean and practical. Let us see how lucky we are to have what we have. And yes in 200 years time, kitchens will be advanced further and they will look at what we have now and say “wow that would suck”

But whilst we are in the present be grateful… and lastly, cook well ­čÖé

Are you feeling lucky?

The unfortunate monster that has come from our of the luxuries that we currently possess in our life, is the desire to have or want more, or to never be fulfilled with what is available to us.

With constant expectations being created now of how life could and should be, many people lose sight of what is already before them and have lucky they are to have those things.

There are millions of people around the world starving, but in the Western world people will complain or ‘spit the dummy’ if their steak is a little overcooked.

So are you feeling lucky?
Are you connected in with and grateful for all of the things that you have in your life?


21st Century is where it is at

I the 21st century we have got it pretty good. Actually forget that. We have got it really good.

Todays modern world is filled with all sorts of lustrous wonders that we are so very lucky or said otherwise fortunate to have.

The definition of lucky is: having, bringing, or resulting from good luck.
This therefore applied to our modern world and society today, means that we are having, bringing and resulting all the wonderful things in this world.

As the years pass, with every century that ticks over, the world advances and develops, things become easier, faster, more available and so much more.

From days when light did not exist and only the Sun was your resource. To now of the days of writing blog posts on a laptop in a well lit room, with a fan to keep you cool, and food readily available by your side.